Gynecologic Surgeons in Buffalo

The most important parts of our gynecologic cancer treatments are our amazing doctors.

They bring their immeasurable intelligence, experience and abilities to every case, so you or your loved one has the best chance at recovery. We are very proud of our CSS Healthcare gynecologic surgeons in Buffalo and throughout Western New York, and our experts will do everything they can to help you fully recover.

Our gynecological surgeons can help with many different types of cancer of the female reproductive system. Each of our doctors are experts in the field and are familiar with the latest surgical techniques and medical advances.

For example, laparoscopy has greatly improved gynecologic surgeries for patients in Buffalo and around the world. With a minimally invasive approach, a surgeon can operate without the need for an invasive procedure that opens up a patient’s body. In many cases, laparoscopy and other practices have allowed our gynecological surgeons to help many Buffalo, New York patients make a complete recovery and in much less time than traditional approaches.

The CSS Healthcare gynecological surgeons understand the importance of post-operative care and tending to patients after the surgery is completed, as well. They truly care about your well-being, and they will do everything in your power to help you feel well again.

To learn more about our gynecological oncologists in Buffalo and Western New York, call CCS Healthcare’s gynecologic center at 716-276-9162.

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