Neurology Physicians in Buffalo

The skills and knowledge of a neurologist encompass a broad array of disorders and conditions that affect the central nervous system. Generally understood as the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, there are a number of factors – both external and internal – that can cause neurological problems. Through a careful assessment, testing and analysis, our neurology specialists can determine the cause of a central nervous system problem and advise the patient on the best course of treatment.

Whether the problem is caused by an imbalance with other body systems or an external infection or disease, neurologists can find the source of the issue and implement a treatment regiment to relieve and – in most cases – eliminate the undesirable symptoms. Neurology is a complex area of medicine and relies on many of the body’s other routine activities, as well, making neurologists some of the most comprehensive medical experts in the field, as neurological problems can also impair functions of the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and digestive systems – or vice versa, with complications to these systems caused by the particular neurological problem.

From headaches to muscle spasms and a wide variety of issues in between, ask a neurologist to find out if your issue may be caused by a problem with the central nervous system. To find a neurologist near you, contact us today.

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