Plastic Surgeons in Buffalo

Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are two of the most common noncritical, or elective, surgeries. Performed by a plastic surgeon, these procedures encompass a wide variety of procedures designed to make a person feel more comfortable in their skin and look their absolute best.

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly requested procedures. Whether the patient is looking for a breast implant, a breast reduction surgery or breast reconstruction following an accident or cancer treatment, these procedures are all conducted by board-certified plastic surgeons at CCS Healthcare.

Facial plastic surgery is another frequently requested operation. Rhinoplasty, or surgery to enhance or reduce the size of the nose, is a routine procedure requested, though our surgeons have experience with a range of other procedures, including face lifts and facial reconstructive surgery.

Our skilled plastic surgeons can also help with reconstructive foot surgery, hand surgery or ear surgery as well as a number of elective procedures. To learn more and to find the plastic surgery group nearest you, contact us today.

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