Pulmonary Physicians in Buffalo

Pulmonology physicians handle problems with the respiratory system, including the lungs and any associated breathing issues. All of CCS Healthcare’s pulmonary physicians in Buffalo and Western New York are very experienced, and they are ready and willing to help get you breathing easily again.

Healthy lungs and pulmonary systems are very important, but if you are diagnosed with a pulmonary disease or condition, the pulmonary physicians with CSS Healthcare in Buffalo, New York will give you the best chance of getting better. They understand that there are many services necessary to help patients with pulmonary diseases, and each of our physicians will work with other specialists if necessary to help completely diagnose and treat your issues.

Unfortunately, many pulmonary diseases can prevent patients from participating in some of their favorite activities, including sports or even simply keeping up with kids. Each physician understands that you do not want your pulmonary condition to disrupt your life, and they will work diligently to allow you to continue your active lifestyle as much as possible during your treatment. They are well versed in the most common pulmonary procedures, including breathing treatments, bronchoscopy, endoscopic therapy, respiratory management and thoracentesis, in addition to more specialized, uncommon procedures to treat chronic and serious issues.

If you or a family member is in need of a pulmonary physician in Buffalo or Western New York, call CSS Healthcare today at 716-810-9631.

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