Arm Lift Surgery in Buffalo

Sagging skin around the arms can have a negative impact on your confidence, and it can prevent you from seeing the image of yourself you envision.

If you have lost weight, sagging skin around the arms is often a constant reminder of a larger size, and it can ruin the body image you have worked so hard to achieve.

CCS Healthcare can schedule an arm lift surgery in Buffalo, New York, to remove excess skin, reshape your arms and give you a more natural contour.

Age and even hereditary factors cause sagging or drooping skin around the arms.

While a healthy diet and exercise will prevent fat from building around the arms, and it will maintain muscle tone, skin will still lose its elasticity over time.

If your body type has changed, especially with fluctuations in weight or muscle tone, this will exacerbate sagging tissue and cause skin to become more loose.

An arm lift surgeon in Buffalo specializing in aesthetic surgeries will remove excess skin around the arms and reconstruct a firmer, more attractive contour, so you can feel confident showing your arms again.

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