Face Lifts in Buffalo

As skin loses its elasticity and sweat and oil glands slow down, skin becomes thinner, less flexible and wrinkles easily.

Wrinkles generally form around the mouth, eyes and forehead and tend to become more pronounced over time.

CCS Healthcare conducts face lifts in Buffalo, New York, to remove wrinkles and signs of aging, and restore the youthful appearance of skin.

The lack of elasticity in skin causes sagging as well as creases around the nose, eyes, mouth and forehead.

This changes the appearance of your face and can mask your expressions, not only removing the youthful alertness of your face but also creating a more flat, serious look.

Sagging skin around the eyelids, neck and jaw, or the corners of the mouth, will detract from the shape of your face.

CCS Healthcare provides face lift surgery in Buffalo to tighten skin and remove sagging or displaced skin to restore the shape, natural contours and lightness of your skin.

While a face lift will make your face more youthful, it will not interfere with the natural expression of your face or cause discomfort after healing.

Call CCS Healthcare today to learn more about face lifts. An expert will answer any questions you may have and explain the procedure to you.