Hand Surgery in Buffalo

The hands are one of the most important parts of the human body, allowing functions that almost no other creature can perform.

We use our hands every day for all types of tasks, from eating to typing to driving and more.

If you have injured your hands, the movement in your hands has become impaired, or a birth defect has diminished your dexterity, even simple tasks can become quite difficult.

The experienced professionals at CCS Healthcare provide hand surgery in Buffalo, New York, to reconstruct the delicate tissues in the hand and restore full function.

With almost 30 bones in the hand and even more muscles, the hand is one of the most complex structures in the human body.

The full range of movement and the precise dexterity given to the human hand are extraordinary, but those without full use of their hands find many tasks very difficult.

  • CCS Healthcare rebuilds and repairs the bones, muscles, tendons and other tissues in the hand to renew the normal movement of the fingers, thumb, palm and wrist, make precise movements possible again, and make everyday tasks easy again.

Don’t live without full use of your hands.

Stop the struggle and schedule hand surgery at CCS Healthcare.