Tummy Tuck Surgery in Buffalo

A flat, toned abdomen is a goal for many with weight-loss or fitness goals.

While exercise, strength-training and diet can help to achieve a flat stomach, there are many factors outside of our control which make it impossible to achieve this ideal body type.

For those who are frustrated by saggy skin or a protruding stomach that diet and exercise will not solve, CCS Healthcare provides tummy tuck surgery in Buffalo as a lasting solution.

Loose or sagging skin around the abdomen can be caused by many factors, some of which are inevitable.

After pregnancy, even when excess weight is lost, it can be difficult and even impossible to regain a flat stomach.

  • Similarly, if you gained a significant amount of weight and then underwent weight loss, you may have loose or saggy skin around the abdomen.

The loss of elasticity in skin due to aging can also cause skin to lose its firm appearance.

Tummy tuck surgery tightens the abdomen, removing excess fat and skin and restoring muscle weakened or damaged by changes in shape or injuries.

This not only removes the appearance of saggy skin, but also strengthens the muscles underneath to provide a long-lasting solution.

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